Thèse de Audrey BABIC

Vendredi 12 octobre 2018 à 15h

« Work investment, HR practices, and justice at work: What lights on the dynamic of work-to-family interface and well-being at work? »


Work and family are the most central and salient domains in an individual’s life. However, nowadays, due to numerous elements (e.g., technological advancements or globalization and competition between companies), managing work and family lives is becoming more and more complex for employees. Over the years, a flourishing quantity of papers have shown that the work-to-family interface (i.e., work-to-family conflict and work-to-family enrichment) influences or is influenced by many variables (i.e., work-related, non-work-related, individual-related and health or well-being-related factors). Nevertheless, despite this amount of empirical studies, some gaps remain in the work-family literature. Indeed, researchers have recently emphasized the need to better understand and identify the antecedents and consequences of the work-to-family interface in order to reduce conflict and increase enrichment. The recommendations also address the necessity to investigate the causal directions between conflict, enrichment and related-variables and to use longitudinal designs to better understand the temporal elements of conflict and enrichment. The present dissertation is therefore devoted to an investigation of these fundamental issues. 

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Date : Vendredi 12 octobre 2018

Horaire : dès 15h

Lieu : Université de Liège, Campus du Sart Tilman (Bâtiment B32), salle F. Duyckaerts (rdc) Parking (Gratuit) : P.16

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